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The format showcases your thought leadership and integrates with our website for a seamless experience for readers.

Sponsor Content

Create a visual reading experience for our audience on mobile and desktop. Enhanced sponsor content incorporates the natural movement of scrolling to bring the story to life through rich photos, graphics, and video, creating natural breaks in the copy for maximum impact.

Special Sponsor Section

Share your organization’s content in print and online through a high-impact, exclusive placement in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

We’ll work with your organization to develop and design a special section of articles, opinion, photo essays, and more. This special section — up to 16 pages of print content — will be placed in the monthly issue and online through a collection of sponsored content.

Content Webinars

Let the Chronicle handle the technology, logistics, and marketing for your next online event while you focus on the content and speakers. Our sponsor content webinars provide valuable interaction with nonprofit decision-makers and allow you to generate leads while positioning your organization as a thought leader.

The Content Studio

Let our Content Studio experts bring their creative abilities and storytelling skills to your marketing project. Our strategists, designers, writers, and programmers put their talents to work to create custom, relevant, unique brand content. We know what our readers like, and we’ll ensure that your material appeals to their interests.

Content Amplification Campaign

A finished promotional piece is just the start. The Chronicle can develop and execute a multichannel marketing campaign to drive traffic, downloads, or leads through high-impact banners, targeted emails, and more.

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